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Radicalizing the Root: The Return of Philosophical Anthropology to the Critique of Political Economy

This paper examines the return to philosophical anthropology to the critique of political economy in the work of Etienne Balibar, Pierre Macherey, and Paolo Virno. I argue that this return is no longer a question of the alienation or realization of a human … Continue reading

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Deregulation, austerity and the polarization of the labour markets

The apprehension of this political and social reality is decisive in the attempt to reformulate the economics curriculum in order to include a deep reflection on current labor challenges that could take into account the changing employment relationship.  Students must be … Continue reading

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The Methodology of Polanyi’s Great Transformation

Polanyi’s book on The Great Transformation provides an analysis of the emergence and significance of capitalist economic structures which differs radically from those currently universally taught in economic textbooks. This analysis is based on a methodological approach which is also … Continue reading

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On World Transition – Avoiding Western Networks

Great powers rise and fall on the tide of history, but we lack the analytical tools to be able to map power transitions with any degree of confidence while they are actually occurring. The process of transition is not always … Continue reading

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Reforming Taxation to Promote Growth and Equity

Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz argues that tax reform is the key to addressing inequality. This white paper outlines concrete policy measures that can restore equitable and sustainable economic growth in the United States, in the context of the country’s recurring … Continue reading

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Piketty’s Inequality – A “wicked” problem

In the 1990s, two young French economists then affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez, began the first rigorous effort to gather facts on income inequality in developed countries going back decades. In the wake … Continue reading

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From Political Economy to Economics – Method, the social and the historical in the evolution of economic theory

In a new major work of critical recollection, Dimitris Milonakis and Ben Fine show how economics was once rich, diverse, multidimensional and pluralistic. The book details how political economy became economics through the desocialisation and dehistoricisation of the dismal science, … Continue reading

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